As part of our customer care programme, we are pleased to be able to offer our customers peace of mind against expensive car repair bills with a guarantee from the WMS Group. A family car will typically contain between 5,000 and 7,000 parts, which is a lot that can go wrong and with motoring expense on the rise, some repairs can run into thousands of pounds, for example:

The average car engine claim paid by the WMS Group is £2,169
The average car automatic gearbox claim paid by the WMS Group is £1,723

We offer a comprehensive …… month guarantee with each vehicle. Our wide range of guarantee cover plans are designed to protect your car against expensive mechanical and electrical failure bills and you can make an unlimited number of claims, including the costs of parts and labour.

Key Guarantee features:

No excess contributions
£1000 Claim limit
Unlimited claims, up to your claim limit
Claims include parts and labour
No annual mileage restrictions
3-36 month cover available
Up to 60 days of EU cover included
Tow-in charges in the event of a valid claim
Car hire in the event of a valid claim
Overnight accommodation and rail fare
Transfer of ownership and renewal available
Repairs at any VAT registered garage

Optional extras (subject to additional premium):

In-car entertainment | Diagnostics | Wear & tear (on 5* only) | Main dealer repairs |
Catalytic converter | LPG | Instrument clusters (on 5* only) | Oil leaks

T & C of Warranty:

Maximum labour rate is £50 per hour
Tow-in charges up to £50
Wear and tear is not covered
Please refer to policy document for full Terms and Conditions

Wintry Terms and Conditions.pdf

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